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571032 Mother got rid of sizeable belly at Ottawa's first funky dance (6,6) MASHEDPOTATO   1a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic88.puz cru_cryptics
571033 Penn has such spring! (6) SEASON   8a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic88.puz cru_cryptics
571034 More meddlesome and louder without me (6) NOSIER   9a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic88.puz cru_cryptics
571035 Goddess subsequently transported by American Airlines (6) ATHENA   10a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic88.puz cru_cryptics
571036 Girl almost follows guy back to place in Texas (6) DALLAS   11a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic88.puz cru_cryptics
571037 Bar mail of unadorned capital (5,6) BLOCKLETTER   12a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic88.puz cru_cryptics
571038 Eat frivolously, noisily (6) INGEST   15a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic88.puz cru_cryptics
571039 A good finale to a program (6) AGENDA   17a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic88.puz cru_cryptics
571040 Illuminated some tiresome repetition of complaints (6) LITANY   20a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic88.puz cru_cryptics
571041 Actors playing "Our Pet" (6) TROUPE   21a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic88.puz cru_cryptics
571042 Counterfeit grief's a trend for people who are very close (5,7) GREATFRIENDS   22a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic88.puz cru_cryptics
571043 Quick beer, right? (5) ALERT   2d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic88.puz cru_cryptics
571044 Dispatch Socialist in contempt (5) HASTE   3d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic88.puz cru_cryptics
571045 Funny men smothered in dismal country (7) DENMARK   4d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic88.puz cru_cryptics
571046 Had dressed formally without a hat (5) OWNED   5d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic88.puz cru_cryptics
571047 Press against a container of Mexican beer and vodka (7) ABSOLUT   6d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic88.puz cru_cryptics
571048 Knot a rope in the great out-of-doors (4-3) OPENAIR   7d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic88.puz cru_cryptics
571049 Sacrificing patriotic decorations (7) BUNTING   12d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic88.puz cru_cryptics
571050 Musical drama based on "The Heartless Act" (7) OPERATE   13d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic88.puz cru_cryptics
571051 Eastern oxcart confounds blackmailer (7) EXACTOR   14d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic88.puz cru_cryptics
571052 Bring someone to Court Street meeting (5) TRYST   16d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic88.puz cru_cryptics
571053 Citizen of Eden accepts authorization to call up (5) EVOKE   18d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic88.puz cru_cryptics
571054 Ripped off a group of hard-up Edwardians (5) DUPED   19d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic88.puz cru_cryptics
571684 Warships back off and disappear (4) FLEE   7a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
571685 Analytical, double skeptic? (10) DIAGNOSTIC   8a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
571686 Shifting sand, e.g., is put down (8) ASSIGNED   10a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
571687 Bess's last tired stole (6) SWIPED   11a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
571688 Equip an international designer (6) ARMANI   12a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
571689 Approves of fiddle companies (8) CONFIRMS   13a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
571690 Whale almost finished the series (6) THRASH   15a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
571691 Hollers about small emergencies (6) CRISES   17a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
571692 Simple, endlessly cool beauty (8) CHILDISH   20a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
571693 Fight between fish and chicken (6) COWARD   22a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
571694 Talk of being hunted is restrained (6) CHASTE   24a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
571695 French dramatist's southern ribaldry (8) RACINESS   26a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
571696 Oliver's request to Hayder: "Let go with a bit of panache" (4,6) MOREPLEASE   27a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
571697 Says yes more than once to surveys (4) EYES   28a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
571698 The devil used money? (3,7) OLDSCRATCH   1d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
571699 Queen of Saskatchewan? (6) REGINA   2d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
571700 Glands from some south Arabian people? (8) ADENOIDS   3d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
571701 Calhoun is only showing agreement (6) UNISON   4d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
571702 Pain killers striving after final change (8) ASPIRINS   5d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
571703 Fire raging! (4) RIFE   6d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
571704 Freak did badly in performance (6) ADDICT   9d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
571705 Was uncertain when film oxidized (10) MISTRUSTED   14d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
571706 Counts on eating quiet sauces (8) RELISHES   16d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
571707 Richard O'Shea reported a kickback (8) RICOCHET   18d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
571708 Resort is housing the female mountaineer (6) SHERPA   19d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
571709 Italian negotiates principles (6) IDEALS   21d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
571710 Pale Bolshevik is riding up-range (6) WANDER   23d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
571711 Catcall is in vogue around ring (4) HOOT   25d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
572209 Pop art movement of the 1920s? (4) DADA   1a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572210 Odd piles, oddly askew (10) LOPSIDEDLY   3a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572211 Buzz, exhausted, is brought down (7) HUMBLED   9a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572212 Stiff spelunker swallowed plug (7) CADAVER   11a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572213 Remove bombast from French painter? (5) DEGAS   12a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572214 Men going mad in far east blackout (7) AMNESIA   13a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572215 Fly from Arab's condemnation (7) ABSCOND   15a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572216 Broadcast by southern individual who likes felines? (7) SCATTER   16a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572217 Raised the former Mr. Gore and Mr. Kennedy (7) EXALTED   18a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572218 Play about each place like New York (7) SEAPORT   21a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572219 Address of tall point belonging to shortstop? (5,2) SPEAKTO   23a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572220 Long time to the third of June (5) YEARN   25a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572221 Praised muck in supplement (7) ADMIRED   27a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572222 After starting, speedy trip across (7) ASTRIDE   28a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572223 Charm ebbed disturbingly in boudoir (10) BEDCHAMBER   29a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572224 Disfigures the planet (4) MARS   30a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572225 Dried out thread, dyed inappropriately (10) DEHYDRATED   1d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572226 Compensation check matures (7) DAMAGES   2d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572227 Mild ado about a card game (3,4) OLDMAID   4d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572228 Helps for a short time (7) SECONDS   5d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572229 Sharp guys: failures with energy (5) DUDES   6d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572230 Freaky and tailless, Satan sits on worker (7) DEVIANT   7d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572231 Long ago, belonging to you, I hear (4) YORE   8d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572232 "Strike!" the French yell (4,3) LASHOUT   10d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572233 Bush imprisons fragile claimants to the throne (10) PRETENDERS   14d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572234 Ms. Turner returned to Club Street shrink (7) ANALYST   17d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572235 Took over Medusa's snarls (7) ASSUMED   19d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572236 Head of Daimler (U.K.) brought back style to noble estate (7) DUKEDOM   20d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572237 Talked about an urban area in the NW (7) SPOKANE   21d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572238 Instrument component removed from turbo car in accident (7) OCARINA   22d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572239 Ear to (almost all) the ground (5) EARTH   24d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572240 Young animal's mother rested up in pound (4) LAMB   26d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic136.puz cru_cryptics
572465 Sort of flip female wearing sack (6) RIFFLE   1a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic192.puz cru_cryptics
572466 Shows reporters covering otolaryngologist (8) PRESENTS   4a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic192.puz cru_cryptics
572467 Bad people invested in silver mine (6) VERMIN   9a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic192.puz cru_cryptics
572468 Hurt and anger about Italian union (8) MARRIAGE   10a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic192.puz cru_cryptics
572469 Ms. Alcott takes Mr. Paisley to southern state (9) LOUISIANA   12a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic192.puz cru_cryptics
572470 Start to remove conjunctions? (5) DEBUT   13a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic192.puz cru_cryptics
572471 Acne ills gave boils to religious zealots (12) EVANGELICALS   14a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic192.puz cru_cryptics
572472 Scallawag on the German can? It's not worth thinking about (12) IMPONDERABLE   18a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic192.puz cru_cryptics
572473 Marketplace where goat loses tip of nose (5) AGORA   21a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic192.puz cru_cryptics
572474 Chief of Homicide and I spy on horses and give 'em what for! (4,2,3) HANDITOUT   22a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic192.puz cru_cryptics
572475 Bea Brady edited an advice column (4,4) DEARABBY   24a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic192.puz cru_cryptics
572476 Smite bats with yellow foil (6) STYMIE   25a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic192.puz cru_cryptics
572477 Certain skirts afflict the priesthood (8) MINISTRY   26a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic192.puz cru_cryptics
572478 Lots of little dogs without leads (6) OODLES   27a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic192.puz cru_cryptics
572479 Father and boyfriend returned Turner (8) REVOLVER   1d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic192.puz cru_cryptics
572480 Favor animal having a number of rules (8) FORMULAE   2d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic192.puz cru_cryptics
572481 Retreats from Latin songs (5) LAIRS   3d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic192.puz cru_cryptics

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