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rowid ▼ charade answer clue_rowids
101 a cabinet A BOX
102 a can A TIN
103 a capital ATHENS
104 a car FORD
105 a card ACE
106 a cart A DRAY
107 a celebrity A NAME
108 a centre A HUB
109 a ceremony A RITE
110 a certain A SURE
111 a certain ONE
112 a certain SOME
113 a certain age EAR
114 a certain amount RATE
115 a certain amount of beer PINT
116 a certain appeal IT
117 a certain appeal SA
118 a certain captain NEMO
119 a certain knitwear style ARAN
120 a champion KNIGHT
121 a chance BET
122 a chap A IAN
123 a chap A MAN
124 a chap BOW HE
125 a chap MAN
126 a chap NED
127 a charge ION
128 a cheat A CON
129 a chess defeat A MATE
130 a chicken CAPON
131 a child A SON
132 a child KID
133 a chorister A TREBLE
134 a chum A BUD
135 a chum A CRONY
136 a church A CH
137 a church A MINSTER
138 a citrus LIME
139 a city NICE
140 a classic style of architecture ORDER
141 a classical language LATIN
142 a cleaner A TISSUE
143 a cleric A REV
144 a climber A VINE
145 a club A BAT
146 a club IRON
147 a club WOOD
148 a coin ORE
149 a cold A C
150 a cold lake A C L
151 a cold toilet A C COMMODE
152 a college A C
153 a college athlete FROM THE BLUE
154 a comic A WIT
155 a commercial activity A SALE
156 a company A CO
157 a company A CREW
158 a company A FIRM
159 a company FIRM
160 a concern BUSINESS
161 a concession A SOP
162 a conflict A WAR
163 a consumer AN EATER
164 a container A CAN
165 a container A JAR
166 a container PAN
167 a container URN
168 a contemplative sound OM
169 a contented sound PURR
170 a continental ASIAN
171 a convict LAG
172 a cooking pot A WOK
173 a copper A CU
174 a coquette A TEASE
175 a cough A HAWK
176 a country A LAND
177 a country WALES
178 a couple BRACE
179 a couple TWO
180 a couple of TWO
181 a couple of cents A CC
182 a couple of chums PAL PAL
183 a couple of degrees MA MA
184 a couple of fellows FF
185 a couple of females FF
186 a couple of idiots ASS
187 a couple of kings KK
188 a couple of lines A LL
189 a couple of lines LL
190 a couple of maidens MM
191 a couple of pages A PP
192 a couple of pages P P
193 a couple of pages PP
194 a couple of pence PP
195 a couple of pints A QUART
196 a couple of pints QUART
197 a court A CT
198 a cover A LID
199 a cricket club A CC
200 a criminal trader FENCE

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