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rowid ▼ charade answer clue_rowids
2 a AN
3 a AR
4 a AREA
5 a AT
6 a DO
7 a GR
8 a HE
9 a IN
10 a IN THE
11 a LACK
13 a NO
14 a ON
15 a ONE
16 a PER
17 a PLANT
18 a WEST ON
19 a bad egg ROTTER
20 a bad habit A VICE
21 a balkan resident A CROAT
22 a ball played from the wing A CROSS
23 a band STRIP
24 a bar A BAN
25 a barrier A DAM
26 a battle SOMME
27 a bay A B
28 a bay A COVE
29 a beat A RHYTHM
30 a beautiful woman BELLE
31 a bed UN LIT
32 a beer INT
33 a beer PINT
34 a bible AV
35 a big book A TOME
36 a big hit SLAM
37 a big house MANOR
38 a big wave A ROLLER
39 a bind ATION
40 a bird A JAY
41 a bird A TIT
42 a bird CHICKEN
43 a bird FINCH
44 a bird TIT
45 a bishop A B
46 a bishop A RR
47 a bit A PART
48 a bit A TAD
49 a bit AN ATOM
50 a bit PIECE
52 a bit ROUGHLY
53 a bit SOME
54 a bit TAD
55 a bit WHIT
56 a bit drunk ON
57 a bit frail FEEBLISH
58 a bit like a pixie ELFISH
59 a bit of a laugh HA
60 a bit of advice TIP
61 a bit of clothing VEST
62 a bit of depravity INTO D
63 a bit of fun LARK
64 a bit of hesitation ER
65 a bit of leg SHIN
66 a bit of light BEAM
67 a bit of money A CENT
68 a bit of money CENT
69 a bit of sun RAY
70 a bit thick UNFAIR
71 a bit wet RAINY
72 a black A B
73 a blemish A SCAR
74 a blessing A BOON
75 a blighter A CAD
76 a bloke MAN
77 a blow A HIT
78 a blow BELT
79 a boat A SS
80 a bog A MIRE
81 a bomb A MINE
82 a boost TONIC
83 a border A VERGE
84 a boxing match A BOUT
85 a boy A LAD
86 a boy A SON
87 a boy PER SON
88 a branch of the fighting forces ARM
89 a breach of public order A RIOT
90 a breather A GILL
91 a breather GILL
92 a breather LUNG
93 a bridge support AN ARCH
94 a brown A TAWNY
95 a bug A GERM
96 a bundle PILE
97 a burden CROSS
98 a burning issue LAVA
99 a buzz HUM
100 a cabinet A BOX

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